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This page contains some useful advice for candidates looking for their next career move in financial services. Whether you are looking for a job in paraplanning, as a financial adviser, a compliance manager or another type of job role in the financial services sector, please read the following:

Preparing your CV

Always enclose your CV with a covering letter, which you can tailor to draw attention to your relevant strengths. Limit your CV to a maximum of 3 clear, concise pages, written in 3rd person. List your computer and software experience, recent educational and professional qualifications and accreditation, and your leisure interests. Describe your work experience in reverse chronological order and cover the two most recent positions in greater detail, clearly stating the date, position, company name and location, the size and nature of the company you worked for and to whom you reported, followed by your responsibilities and achievements in that role.

Interview Preparation

However the interview is structured, the key to success lies in being prepared. Before the interview, you should carefully and effectively think about the potential employer, your aspirations and questions you may wish to ask. Research the prospective employer thoroughly - look at their website, read the annual report, press releases and brochures. Use common sense and be punctual, switch your mobile phone off, dress smartly and be prepared in as many ways as possible. During the interview, remain professional, polite and positive - and be yourself.

Interview Technique

During the interview it is important that you are precise and offer detailed and exact answers to questions without waffling, sounding enthusiastic and interested in the organisation, the opening, and your career. All employers are looking for employees who cannot only efficiently carry out the work, but who will be able to add something to the organisation. How you, as an individual, appear to the interviewer is crucial. Part of the essential make-up of any professional is giving the appearance of competence and confidence in one's ability. Ensure you are positive about your own attributes and skills but do not appear cocky or over-confident. Do not be negative about a present or past employer. You may have had a bad experience with an employer, but appearing bitter about your experiences will convey the view that you may be awkward and not a good team player.

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